those directly involved in the spiritual and physical development of conejo island

WATERFAIRY (SOFA) .. mother and creator of CONEJO ISLAND

/f (CPU) .. a digital shaman, special treatment:wife of waterfairy, runs the monthly psalmus radio show

NEZU .. a robot mouse sister, co-founder of conejoBeat, owns a home in conejo

REIN .. a kitty, owner of SUNFLOWER PARK~significant contributions member

MELLIE .. a funny animal, owner of FUNNYFUNNY SANCTUARY~significant contributions member

CAVI .. a demon rabbit, owner of FOXFIRE FOREST~significant contributions member

FOX .. a powerful fox, owner of CADNOMORI~significant contributions member

MORI .. a fluffy cat demon, owner of BLOODWATER BOG & MELON FARM~significant contributions member

MERI .. a cute android girl, owner of CASA MEJA~significant contributions member

MANAMI .. a cute & mysterious creautre, owns a lovely home in conejo~significant contributions member

INSECTS .. a friendly red devil, owns a nice small home in conejo~a council officer

JELLY .. a seabunny, lives in the apartments~a council officer